Monday, April 7, 2008

tribute to single moms – free mothers day cards

Whether by chance, or by choice, every women who leads the life of a single mother , single handedly is a living miracle. For women who become a single mother by choice are not only brave, but I would choose to call them fighters. I can imagine the different aspects of life they have to take care of, all alone. She not only has to be a mother, but also be a father, also a financial provider for the family, and at the end of the day, she has no life of her own, but she fights for her kid's life. Single mothers who are single moms not by choice, but by destiny are also one of those who deserve ample respect. An easy option for them would be to go for abortion, but without paying much attention to society they go ahead a give birth to a life and call that life, her own. Isn't it wonderful? A mother's love is simply splendid and unconditional. It expects nothing in return, like any other love.
Here are some awesome single mother cards that you can send to all the brave single mothers you know. With Mothers day, coming close, wish them Happy Mother's Day. Stay tuned for some mother quotes. Your comments are welcomed.

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