Monday, November 19, 2007

Wholesale Artificial Christmas Trees

wholesale artificial christmas trees

Wholesale Artificial Christmas Trees

The above Artificial Christmas Trees of 7.5 ft. height, 57 in. width at base. 1077 tips, 650 clear lights and green with metal base retail price $ 499.90. Similarly, its wholesale price is only $249.95. Therefore buying the Wholesale Artificial Christmas Trees you can save half of your amount. Think carefully before buying.

White Artificial Christmas Trees

white artificial christmas trees

White Artificial Christmas Trees

It’s a White Artificial Christmas Trees. The feature includes:

Size: 7ft - 15 ft

Tips: 720 - 8000

Lights: 400 - 1400

Stand Type: Plastic and Metal

Diameter: 66" - 114"

Price: $398 - $ 2398

Lifelike Artificial Christmas Trees

lifelike artificial christmas trees

Lifelike Artificial Christmas Trees

I think this is Lifelike Artificial Christmas Trees. If you continuingly view the above Christmas trees you can see the eyes, nose or a human structure over there in that tree. Therefore I named it Lifelike Artificial Christmas Trees.

Frosted Artificial Christmas Trees

frosted artificial christmas trees

Frosted Artificial Christmas Trees

It’s the 10-year tree warranty Frosted Artificial Christmas Trees. Also lock-in brackets of exceptional strength that maintain the tree's "Classic" pose including metal stand and steel tree pole. The height of this tree ranges from 7feet - 12 feet, tips 1,202 - 3676, width 58" - 68" and price $189 - $389.

Black Artificial Christmas Trees

black artificial christmas trees

Black Artificial Christmas Trees

This is 8 feet perlit little Black Artificial Christmas Trees with 1279 tips and 550 lights. The lights are pre-wired to individual branches, making assembly quick and easy. This tree only requires one plug and comes with spare bulbs because low voltage is very safe. Similarly, it comes complete with base and also fire resistant tree. The price of this Christmas Trees is £149.99 and shipping costs £4.95.

Artificial Slim Christmas Trees

slim artificial christmas trees

Slim Artificial Christmas Trees

Its Slim Artificial Christmas Trees titled "Prelit Swiss Mountain Fir Artificial Christmas Tree". The height of this Christmas tree is 7.5 feet with 1029 tips and 350 Clear C-7 Reflector Lights where as prices $338.76.

artificial slim christmas trees

Artificial Slim Christmas Trees

It’s the 9 feet Artificial Slim Christmas Trees mixed with pine tree with cones. It costs $440.00.

Artificial Prelit Christmas Trees

artificial prelit christmas trees

Artificial Prelit Christmas Trees

This artificial prelit Christmas trees is from Regency International. The title given to this Christmas trees is “Flocked Vail Artificial Pine Prelit Christmas Tree”. The prices of this Christmas trees ranges from $325.00 - $599.00. The shipping is free.

For this product call at (888) 478-4603.

Artificial Christmas Trees With Wood Trunks

artificial christmas trees with wood trunks

Artificial Christmas Trees With Wood Trunks

It is one of the artificial Christmas trees with wood trunks. The title given to it is “Pre Lit Gatlinburg 6 Cluster Trees with Clear Lights”. The trees heights are ranging from 3' - 6'. It is suitable only for indoor purpose and contains down swept branches.

It costs around $255.

Artificial Christmas Trees Made in USA

artificial christmas trees made in usa

Artificial Christmas Trees Made In Usa

The above Artificial Christmas Trees is made in USA. You can buy them at the nearest shopping store in USA. The picture of Artificial Christmas Trees is also taken from one of the shopping store in USA.

Artificial Christmas Trees

christmas trees artificial

Christmas Trees Artificial

artificial christmas trees

Artificial Christmas Trees

artificial christmas tree

Artificial Christmas Tree

I have collected some pictures of Christmas trees artificial. The trees are just bold and beautiful. Specially I have also included the white artificial Christmas trees and placed as the first Christmas trees in which you can also see gifts around the tree.

Similarly, artificial Christmas tree available at a shop pictures are also included on it. Have a great Christmas with the artificial Christmas trees.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

With Christmas just round the corner, we've launched a helpful little tool to assist you in sticking to your Christmas budget.

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PS. If you're stuck for inspriation, our Christmas gift guide should help
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