Friday, October 8, 2010

Free Halloween Party Invitations

Unlike the other free Halloween invitation template I posted, which is very sweet and cute, this one is downright macabre. But that's what Halloween's about, right? It features a glowing skeleton (which would make him a very skinny ghost, I guess) walking through a graveyard, under a full harvest moon with a bat flying in front of it.

This design comes from my Halloween scrapbook images kit for commercial use. I got tired of not finding good images I could use commercially, so I designed some myself!

If you'd like the instructions for making this invitation, visit my free Halloween party invitations hub by clicking the link or the button below.

free Halloween party invitations

Or, if you'd like a full Halloween party kit, which includes printable Microsoft Word and jpg invitation and decoration templates:

printable Halloween invitations and decorations kit

Feel free to use the Halloween party invitation in this post for yourself, or for friends or family members. But you may not sell this template or tell others that it's your own work. You may post an image of the invitation on your blog, though, if you provide a link similar to this near the image: Free Halloween party invitation courtesy of
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