Monday, January 31, 2011

Postcard Valentines

This Valentine is my own little creation.  You can do this one with our without a sewing machine, though if you are making a stack of them, you might want to have one on hand.  These could just as easily be hand sewn.  If you aren't a sewer, try using double-sided tape or glue!

Supplies Needed:
-  Card Stock, cut into 3-1/2" x 5" rectangles
-  Wax Paper, cut into 3-1/2" x 5" rectangles
-  Markers or Pens
-  Sewing Machine & Thread... OR Needle & Thread, Double-Sided Tape, or Glue
-  Valentine Stickers (optional)
-  Valentine Candies


1)  Once your cards have been cut, create your postcard.  I drew a line down the middle, separating the address section from the message, and made a stamp using card stock, a heart sticker and markers.  You might also want to add your message on your post cards at this point (so you are not having to write on them after they are full of candies).

We used pink cards for the girls and green cards for the boys.

2)  Next, placing a wax paper rectangle behind your postcard, sew three of the four sides together.  I increased the stitch length on my machine settings for this project.

3)  Fill the pocket you created in Step 2 with a handful of candies.  The less bulky they are, the better.  I found the large (thinner) conversation hearts and regular M&Ms worked nicely.

4)  Sew the forth side, holding the candy inside.  The back of your postcard will look like this:

I liked the wax paper, because it can easily be opened to get to to the goodies inside, and doesn't require scissors to do so.  However, it does make them a bit more fragile.  I also tried this same idea, using a piece of  fabric netting, and got a nice result.  See the postcard on top in the image below.  This, of course, would require some more effort to get into.

And there you have it!  Another fun and unique Valentine idea :)

SOOOO cute for spring

Made by: EB Spider on Etsy

Country Dreamin......beautiful work

Springtime - Bottle Cap Digital Collage Sheet

Simply Banners

Hershey Kiss Rose Valentines

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it.  As much as I enjoy crafting, I am looking for cute and creative Valentines to make for my children to share each year.  This year I decided to go with Hershey Kisses roses, which I remember making when I was a teenager (though I can't say I remember where I had gotten the idea), and Valentine postcards, my own creation.  Here are the instructions...

Hershey Kiss Roses

Supplies Needed (to make 36 roses):
-  1 package of Hershey Kisses
-  36 Floral Leaves, with a stem (one for each rose)
-  roll of Cellophane (I recommend red or pink if you go with silver Kisses, though, you could go with clear if you choose the colored holiday Kisses)
-  36, 6" pieces of 12 gauge wire  (You can buy these in 18" lengths, and cut each into three using a wire cutter)
-  Green floral tape
-  Scissors

1)  Cut your cellophane into rectangles, approximately 7"x5".  You will need one rectangle for each rose.

2)  Take two Hershey Kisses and hold them together, as shown. 

3)  Fold your rectangle of cellophane, matching opposite corners at the bottom, with the Hershey Kisses held tightly in the middle.

4)  Take the excess cellophane from the right side and fold it over to the left, still holding the Hershey Kisses together in the middle.

5)  Fold the excess cellophane from the left side over to the right side.

6)  Twist the extra cellophane tightly to the right below your Hershey Kisses, so your "rose bud" looks like this.

7)  Still holding onto your "rose bud", place your wire "stem" as shown above.

8)  Using a piece of floral tape approximately 10" long, begin to tightly wrap the stem and the extra cellophane.  This can sometimes be tricky to get started, but you can always go over your work a second time with more floral tape to get a tighter, nicer-looking result.

9)  Continue wrapping until the "stem" is well attached to the "rose bud" and the extra cellophane is covered.

10)  Place your floral leaf where you would like it, and use another piece of floral tape to attach it, wrapping until the stem is completely hidden.

11)  Tie on a cute little tag, and you have a one-of-a-kind Valentine to share!

keep making them, and give an extra special bouquet!

Everything Handmade

Lovely Quilt Blocks by;Bellian Studio

Made by Lara

Stunning Lampwork

Come On Spring

Beeswax candles....All Natural
 Harbison handmade

Springtime love

Spring Time of my Loving

Homemade items for children
Made by :tzburps on Etsy

Spring Time treasury on Etsy

Ocean avenue Silk
Spring Time of my Loving
Here are some of the great Hand made Spring time finds on Etsy.kyleannemetals

Sunday, January 30, 2011

cheeky chatty - jen's sketch 53

for jen's sketch 53 @

For my card I used Lolli Anya and colored her with Copics. The designer papers are K & Company’s wild raspberry stack. I used sassafraslass paper pad - hog heaven for the scallops & polkadot paper.

jen's - saturday sketch 52

this card is for
by jen (

for this card, I used sweet anya & coloured her with copic markers, then I used green paper & flowers from michaels crafts, & the rest of the paper is from sassafraslass paper pad - hog heaven. For the zig zag borders I used fabric scissors because I dont have fancy border cutters =) heehee
(and I think is the string is from my mum's cupboard she uses when she cooks hehehe

mystery monday - claudine's card

this entry is for & for
i hope everyone enjoys this card =)

I used angel anya,
with glitter paper from the dollar store (nothing fancy lol)

and valentines k & company paper.
& if you look closely, each corner has a different patterned paper =)

January TGF contest

these cards are for the & contests =) ENJOY!

more card creations

these cards were for the contests on the greeting farm blog, & the club anya during the month of December 2010.

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