Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chore Chart

The craziness of the holidays are now behind us.  Finally, we are setting back into routines, and some of the routines we had been good at following earlier in the school year have slipped somewhere out of sight... perhaps between the couch cushions or under a bed.  It is time to get this one up and running again!

Our Chore Card System

We have several cards for the children to choose from.  Each card has a number in the upper-right hand corner... those numbers represent how many marbles the activities will earn them. As the children complete their chore, they place the appropriate chore card under a magnet on our kitchen door.  That way we can see what tasks the children have selected, and check that they made a decent effort in completing them.  Then, they are awarded the marbles based on the chores they chose to do.

We have three rewards the children can select when their marble jar is full.
1)  $10
2)  Date with mom or dad 
3)  Movie party, complete with snacks of their choice

This system has worked out great for us in the past. There are lots of chores to choose from, and being their choice, the kids don't seem to complain about having to do them.  Plus, it puts some of the responsibility onto the kids and less nagging on mom and dad's part.

If you'd like to use our Chore Cards, you can get them HERE.  I took mine to the copy shop to have them laminated.

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