Thursday, September 13, 2007

Let us sort out your Christmas presents for you!

We've been particularly busy over the last few weeks, stocking up for Christmas, creating new products such as great gift bags and gift boxes, and ... doing our customer's Christmas shopping for them!

It's a free service we offer all year round, but our customers are a canny bunch and like to be one step ahead. If you're after escaping from your own Xmas shop nightmare this year, then simply email us with your list of names, likes/dislikes and budgets, and we'll come back to you with a host of suggestion for you to check out.

One of our customers was so pleased to have finished her Christmas present buying - in September - without leaving the house - that she sent us this message:
"I think the best gift this site has to offer if the time you give back to everyone who uses it. I have emailed a list of family and friends to you with their likes and dislikes and you have come back with all my Christmas shopping. I now have the time i would have spent Christmas shopping back to spend with my boys and husband. To me that is the best gift. "

So, don't waste time - send us your Christmas list now, and we'll make sure your Christmas presents are all sorted for you - and all especially impressive and thoughtful too!
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