Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine Trivet

Valentine Trivet: Any Cook would love to receive this adorable valentine.

You'll need:

6"-square white tile, glazed or unglazed

Small (3/8") mosaic tiles: 75 rose, 66 varied off-white (from crafts or tile store)

Liquid Nails Adhesive for Small Projects

1 small container of premixed tile grout

Grout float or cardboard; sponge; rag

Fine-point permanent marker

Tracing paper

Trace heart, printed over text, on folded tracing paper, placing fold on dashed line. Cut out heart. Trace outline on center of tile with marker.

Glue a border of mosaic tiles evenly spaced along front edges of the large tile, using 10 whites on each side and a rose tile in each corner.

Glue rose tiles along heart outline, then inside following contours.

Glue off-white tiles in remaining spaces around heart. Let dry.

Spread grout over tile and between squares using float or a small piece of cardboard. Let grout set for about 15 minutes. Wipe off excess with damp sponge. Let dry for 48 hours. Polish off any haze with the rag.

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