Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mother's Day Greetings - Mother's Day Celebrations

Hi friends! We’ve again come to that part of the year when we zoom in on a day to show respect to the person we owe our existence. To cut the long story short, its time to wish Mother’s Day. Being a woman, I understand the craving of a woman to be a mother. A woman dons many hats – daughter, sister, wife or friend. But the role that makes her feel complete is that of a mother.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of motherhood. Though Anna Marie Jarvis, the woman who first dedicated this day to her mother, was against the day in the later part of her life due to rampant commercialization of the day, Mother’s Day has stood the test of time. Mother’s Day 2007 had been a big event in my life. I saw my mom’s face lit up with divine radiance when I presented her with a bunch of flowers and a small gift-wrapped box. Surely, the day and the moment stand out.

Wish your mom Happy Mother’s Day by choosing from a wide assortment of free Mother’s Day cards and Mother’s Day greeting cards. Make her feel special by embedding a lovely message with your Mother’s day cards. You can never repay the love and affection she has showered on you but you can make her smile by saying a small ‘thank you’. Go ahead and indulge her with gifts as part of your Mother's Day Celebrations . You owe her everything..

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