Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday

OK Wake n Bake Wednesday didn’t work out how it was planned as things rarely do. Life can sometimes put these little bumps in the road. No problem. I did as much glass creating as I could yesterday and called it a day.

I did finish up a couple orders and I did get the sun catcher drawn yesterday. I also cut out little fish from blue glass. The fish will be part of the hanging glass on the sun catcher. The little fish will be in the kiln today. I will be fusing trotline clips in them for easier hanging. That will be cute, fish hanging from the trotline clips with fishing line attached.

While the blue glass fish are in the kiln today, I will be cold working glassware for THIRSTY Thursday creating new designs for our favorite drinks. I plan to make some shamrock shots and something with martini glasses. I kind of like the fish theme, I’m a Pisces, maybe I’ll continue with that.

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