Saturday, February 26, 2011

QUICK FIX - Baby room hazard.

Above is a picture of the problem in my sons room. There are three main issues right now. The phone outlet, with sharp corners, chipping paint under the windowsill, and the white extension cord running along the wall.

Our home was built in the 1880's, we are in the process of looking for a new home, but until then I'm looking for quick fixes to these small problems that do not involve shelling out much or ANY money!

Here is what I did:
STEP ONE: Cut a piece of cardboard to fit exactly under the window, covering the three problems.
STEP TWO: Went to the linen closet and found a sheet, this color is perfect for in his room.
STEP THREE: I then covered the cardboard with the sheet. No cutting, no gluing, nothing but a wrinkled thrift store sheet.
STEP FOUR: Place the covered cardboard piece where you need it, I was lucky and was able to put the two sides behind two book shelves we have on either side of the window.

STEP FIVE: Suggestion, add some of your receiving blanket covered pillows (tutorial here: Homespun With Love: 50 Ways to Reuse Receiving Blankets: No Sewing Machine Pillow Cases, Use # 2)

I may end up making another where there isn't a reason for it, but using felt and making some sort of play board for Patrick when he's older, I'll post it if I do!

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