Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bandanna Skirt

Don't you just LOVE her style?
Yeah, this little diva has a fashion sense of her own!  Can't say she got it from me.  I think I'm pretty boring in the fashion department.  I do, however, buy her clothes, so I guess I am somewhat to blame.

Ignore the mismatched outfit... did you see her cute little skirt?
I made that for less than $3, using two bandannas!

This was my inspiration...
at Tidbits

I saw this post, and thought it was just too cute.  So I had to make my own.

I made a couple of changes, finding part of her instructions to be more work then you needed to go to.  That is why I'm adding my own instructions here.
However, please do refer to her tutorial for the full instructions (even though I made some changes, her tutorial really is great).

Materials Needed:
- 2 Bandannas
- Lycra Fabric (a strip about 40" x 6" for your waistband)
- Thread

1)  Fold each bandanna in half, then half again, so it looks like this...

See how I've measured the "middle" corner down about 2 1/2"?  I made my cut there...

When I opened it up, it looked like this.  I then made one cut above my ruler as it rests in the photo above.

2)  Now this part is tricky to describe... In the image above you see that you have four, straight lines in the center of the bandanna making a square, right?  Well, you are going to fold the bandanna so that these edges of the bandanna lay in a straight line for the top of your skirt.

Here I am beginning to fold, by pinching the fold on the bandanna at one corner of the inside square.

As I am pulling that fold up, notice that the lines now above are straight (rather than a 90 degree angle)?  And below, you notice two points.  Do the same with the two other "folds".

And with all four folds laying properly, you will have this.  I put a few pins in each fold to keep everything in place.  I'd even recommend using the iron to give it a nice press to it here too.
Now here is one change I made to the original.
I chose to have the "folds" showing, or on the outside, of my skirt.
If you turn this over, you see this...

I debated.  Did I want to make this the skirt, or the other, with the folds?
I decided to go with the folded side this time.

Decide which you like best, and go with it... the rest of the directions work for either version.

Now follow the same instructions to fold your second bandanna!

3) Lay your bandannas, right-sides together, and pin the sides along your cut edges at the side.

Sew your bandanna's together where you have pinned.

Turn your skirt right-side out and press your new seams at the fold...

Then, using the same technique above, fold your new folds in line with the others on your skirt, and pin.

4) Now your skirt is ready for your waistband to be added.  I'm going to direct you to Cami's directions from here, because I wouldn't change a thing from here on out!  I opted to add elastic to my waistband, but think her version is much nicer.

Another note I'll add, this skirt was a good length for my 4 year old.  I made a second skirt for my 7 year old, and it is a little short.  She just adds leggings underneath.  One thought would be to sew the flap seams down, or add a longer waistband.

Thanks for a great tutorial and a super cute idea Cami!
Hope you all enjoy it!

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