Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer Checklist (for Teacher)

Tell me this isn't a great gift for any child's teacher!
A Summer Checklist, created by your child, with a pen so your child's teacher can be ready to cross off the items on the list.  What I love most about this, is that my children made it.  They came up with the ideas for the checklist on their own.  They chose the stickers they wanted to decorate it with.  They did (or tried to do most of) the writing.

Ready to make your own?
This is how we did it...

Supplies Needed:
Picture Frame, Paper, Summer Themed Stickers, Markers

Not Pictured:
Ribbon, Hot Glue, Dry Erase Pen

1)  We chose to use a two picture frame so we could separate our title from the checklist.  I found some great sparkle scrapbook paper and some yellow card stock.  I cut squares for each side of the frame.  My children wrote "Summer Checklist" on one side.

Yeah, well... let me tell you.
This was my kindergartener.  I was dictating the spelling to him, and said "K, space and check.... c, h..." 'K' as in, "OK, we are finished with the word summer, so we are moving onto the next."  You get it, right?  Well, I couldn't understand for the life of my where he came up with the "k" at the end of summer.  That is, not until I said 'K' after he finished helping him to spell "check" and heard myself again say, "K, next word..."

Secondly.... so I'm thinking 'Checklist' should be one word, not two.
That, I learned from my 2nd grader.  Spelling was never my thing.. ha ha.  Now you know!

2)  Decorate with stickers!
So the extra 'K' was easily hidden with some strategically placed stickers.  No biggy!

3)  Ask your child to create a list of all the things they thing their teacher should do to make the best of their summer vacation.  It is really funny to see what they come up with (especially the littlest ones).

Wesley got tired of writing, so he asked me to do the rest of the writing as he came up with ideas.

4)  Place your title and checklist in your frame.


Here are a few of our finished lists...
Tatum (3) on the left, Wesley (6) on the right, and Charlotte (7) below

5)  Attach a dry-erase pen!
I chose to hot glue a ribbon to the frame that would tie to hold the marker.  You could also glue a loop of fabric or ribbon to the side of the frame as a sleeve for the pen to rest in.

Make sure you attach a note to explain the purpose of your gift!
Let me add, your teacher will be using the dry-erase pen on the glass, so they will not need to spoil your child's work.  The glass can be cleaned if they every choose to re-use the frame.

I can't wait to share these with the teachers.  We have one more great gift for our teachers we are still working on.  Stop by soon to see what we're doing next!

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