Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Trivia Party Games

Christmas Trivia Party Games
Christmas Trivia Party Games

Here are some Christmas Trivia Party Games.

Christmas Limericks
Players invent clever Christmas limericks. Winner makes the cleverest punch line.

Christmas Tree Rip
Players rip Christmas trees behind their back.

Santa Dress Up
Using only paper, cotton and tape, teams race to make a Santa costume.

Believe It or Not Jeopardy
Play a homemade version of Jeopardy with questions and a playing board.

Box Game
Race to open a gift wrapped in several layers while wearing oven mitts, a hat and scarf.

Act out the name of a book, song, movie etc for your team, but no talking allowed!

Children’s Christmas Trivia Game
Great fun for kids! Ask easy and a few not so easy questions to youngsters and move your way up the Christmas tree game board.

Christmas Balloon Battle
A fun party game. Be the last to not let your balloon getting burst.

Christmas Card Toss
Throw Christmas cards into a laundry basket a few feet away. Sounds easy? Think again!

Christmas Carol Game
In this game everyone sings their favorite carol, often at the same time.

Christmas Carol Melee
In this game everyone sings their favorite carol at the same time! Great icebreaker.

Christmas Draw On Your Head Game
Players draw Xmas pictures on paper on top of their heads. Points are scored on the quality of the drawing.

Christmas Left Right Game
Pass a gift to the left or right around the circle as the story is read. Lots of fun!

Christmas Movie Quiz
See how much trivia you know about Christmas movies!

Christmas Name A Song
Can you think of a song with a certain word in the title or lyrics? This game is funny and makes you think!

Christmas Purse Search
Find a list of Christmas items in women's purses. Can you find them all?

Christmas Trivia Test
Answer these Christmas trivia questions correctly and you are a Christmas Genius!

Christmas Who Am I
A guessing game where you guess who each Christmas character is by asking questions.

Fox and Geese
A winter tag game in the snow.

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