Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Games Free

Christmas Games Free
Christmas Games Free

The Christmas Games Free available at

Frost Bite 2
Climb to the top of the mountains and raise the victory flag!

Wrap Attack
Santa has been kidnapped! Save him from the clutches of Doctor Zass.

Sleigh Shot
Sleigh Shot Santa's competing in the Long Distance Sleigh Shot again this year.

Snowmen Invaders
Snowmen Invaders Throw the biggest snowballs to defeat the evil snow creatures!

Deep Freeze
Deep Freeze your enemies with your water gun.

Icy Slicy
Icy Slicy Several critters have gotten frozen and they need your help to cut them out!

Snow fight
Snow fight Destroy all the snowmen and avoid the other kids.

Toboggan Run
Toboggan Run Try to stay in the track to gain speed!

Big Jump Challenge
Big Jump Challenge Grab as much air as you can, pull off tricks and land it!

Snowboard Madness
Snowboard Madness Strive to be the best as you ride the mountains.

Penguin Rush
Penguin Rush Race your penguin down the slopes to the finish line!

Monkey Snow fight
Monkey Snow fight Whack monkeys from around the world with snow and 'nana bombs.

Snow Line
Snow Line Help Santa Claus collects the presents.

Snowball Warfare
Snowball Warfare Take out the bad guys with snowballs, before they take you out.

Ice Slide
Ice Slide Catapult your favorite polar animal as far as you can.

Thin Ice
Thin Ice Cut holes in the ice to trap the monsters in the water!

Frost Bite
Frost Bite Climb to the top of the mountains and raise the victory flag!

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