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Christmas Trivia for Children

Christmas Trivia for Children
Christmas Trivia for Children

Christmas Party Games and Activities is the best Christmas Trivia for Children.

Gift Wrap Relay

You'll need: an identical box for each team, Pre-cut wrapping paper, tape, ribbon (optional)

Wrap the packages before the party. Divide the children into teams. Each team will receive a wrapped gift box, wrapping paper sheet for each player tape and possibly ribbon. Place these items on a table or
the floor for a gift wraps station. To play the game, a team member will leave their group, run to the gift station, and unwrap the gift, rewrap the gift, and run back to tag the next team member. The first team to have each member wraps the gift wins.

Tip: An unopened box of macaroni and cheese works well for this game.

Find The Christmas Star Game

Hide star ornaments before the party. Divide the children into teams and send them searching for an ornament.

Pass The Parcel game

This is a traditional game from England and a favorite Christmas party game in our family! Before the party, place enough Christmas treats (Candy canes, chocolate kisses, erasers) for all of the guests in a small box and wrap it. Then place the parcel into a bigger box and wrap that as well. Then again and again until there are several layers of wrapping. To play the game everyone sits in circle. Play Christmas music while passing the "parcel" around from player to player. When the music stops, the player holding the parcel unwraps one layer. Then, play the music and begin passing again. Continue to play until the last layer is unwrapped and the treats are handed out.

TIP: We've found it easier to have the players only partially unwrap during their turn. That way every player is sure to get a turn. We also only use a few boxes but several layers of paper.

Snowball Race

You'll need:
Styrofoam balls or balls of white yarn, spoons and mittens for each team.

Play this game as you would any relay race. Divide into teams. Each player takes turns putting on mittens and balancing a "snowball" on a spoon while racing to the other side of the room. Drop the snowball into a bucket, return to the team, pass the mittens and go to the back of the line. First team to complete the race wins!

Santa Trip

Players sit in a circle. The first player says, " On Christmas Eve I'm traveling with Santa and I'm going to take (something starting with A )". The next player repeats the first object and adds an object beginning with B continue the game through the alphabet. If there are more players than 26 letters...start again at "A".

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