Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photo Memory Cards

First, I want to apologize that I haven't been able to respond to all of the wonderful comments you have all been leaving me.  I appreciate them so much, and feel bad that I am falling behind (though I promise that I read each and every one).

My life is getting more crazy by the week, as I am sure it will continue to be as we get closer to our big move this summer.  We are moving to China, which means a lot of work and a lot of change is in our future!

However, my first priority with this blog is to keep on top of sharing fabulous ideas with all of you.  And that is what I promise to do!  So if you can forgive me for not being the best at responding to your comments, then we're all good :)

Enough of my blabbing... I have to share this AWESOME project with you!

Ok... so maybe you've already seen this one, as it was posted over a year ago now at My Little Gems. Check out the fabulous tutorial...

by My Little Gems

I came across this idea before the holidays and HAD to do it.  Of course, right?!!  We live away from most of our family, so it made a great gift for my little nieces whom we don't see very often.

I selected some of my favorite photos of each of the kids, throwing in some family shots and photos with grandparents.  I followed Sharla's instructions, and found it to be a fun and easy project.

I made some cute little bags for the cards to fit into, but I must not have taken a photo to share.  I will say, they were cute... ha ha.. :) ... I had hand embroidered "Memory" on the front.

Best part of all... the kids LOVED them!  My kids had so much fun playing with these before we sent them away that they were begging for a set of their own.  Hmmm.... perhaps something I'll tackle once we are settled in China, right?!

I did find that my cards wanted to stick together, even after letting them sit for hours before stacking.  I used the glossy Modge Podge, so perhaps the matte finish would be better???  So if I have a tip here, it would be to try the matte finish over the glossy.

Just LOVE this one!  I hope you give it a try.

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