Thursday, March 3, 2011

wow ! thank you for the award !

Hi everyone!!!
I just read the BEST news!!!
I'm beyond surprised and super honoured for this award from SONIA at Archiving Angel. here's her link:

Thank you sonia for even picking me out of the thousands of crafters on the internet. You're far and beyond more kind and generous than I could ever be =) Thank you, Sonia for choosing me and for all your kind words. 

I hope you ladies will visit her site and leave her AWESOME COMMENTS.


So, here's the 8 AMAZING bloggers I think deserve this award:
(in no particular order):

1) nat @
2) denice @
3) lisa g @
4) jodi @
5) melanie @
6) diana @
7) deanna @
8) lynda @

Please visit their blogs and have a great time! because I do =)

(I believe that the rule is: upon receiving this award I need to pay it forward to 8 others, and then copy the award to the blog's side panel. Then write 8 little things about myself...... So for those who received this awards, you ladies have to do the same - hooray, let's all spread some love!).

here's 8 little things about me:

1) I'm european-asian
(I'm a mix of english-american, spanish, filipino, chinese and east indian decent, hence I'm canadian... haha)
2) I love to travel - I wish I could do it more often
3) I love tiffany & co jewelry!
4) My fiance and I are both in the medical/health care field
5) Going to the movies and dinner is my favourite way to relax
(especially with my best girl - friends)
6) I've only recently joined the blog world (Jan 2011);
and entered into sketch/colour challenges & create cards (since Oct 2010)
7) I recently got engaged! hehe
8) I'm always trying to eat healthy and exercise frequently/consistently
(hopefully get really smokin' for the wedding lol).

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