Monday, March 14, 2011

From Auction bytes:Etsy owner changing analytics

Auctionbytes-NewsFlash, Number 2498 - March 14, 2011 - ISSN 1539-5065          | Founder Says Etsy Is Working on Analytics, Product Attributes   By Ina Steiner
March 14, 2011
Reading AuctionBytes: Founder Says Etsy Is Working on Analytics, Product Attributes
Etsy founder Rob Kalin told users that browsing by category is "remarkably unpopular" among shoppers and has been decreasing in popularity for a couple years.
Etsy is working to provide sellers with analytics to help them understand where traffic to their listings comes from - it currently supports Google Analytics for individual shops. In the meantime, Kalin shared some overall data with sellers.
Some data on how people arrive at listing pages on Etsy:
30% - from a shop's homepage
30% - from another listing page
22% - from search results
9% - from outside of (external referrer)
5% - other pages on Etsy (Treasury lists, activity feed, blog posts, etc.)
4% - from a category page
Kalin also said Etsy is revamping the listing process, and a key part of this is getting better (more structured) data about items. "For example: what size is it? who is it for? what colors? what style? We will then use this data to improve search.

Etsy Insights from this data

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