Friday, March 25, 2011

WOW! Another award !


I just wanted to share with you all another award I won =)

 I would like to thank SONIA from archiving-angel for this WONDERFUL award.
Sonia, thank you for considering me as someone who deserves this prize!
You're so generous and sweet for sharing this award with me =)

As a recipient of this kind award,
I am to pay it forward to 15 other bloggers
& share 7 things about myself as well as thank the sender.

7 Things about me:

1) I'm european-asian
(I'm a mix of english-american, spanish, filipino, chinese and east indian decent, hence I'm canadian... haha)
2) I've always wanted to live in NYC, like the "Sex & the City" girls hehehe

3) my best friends and I have GAME NIGHTS (ie: jenga, taboo, partini... hehehe)
4) My fiance and I are both in the medical/health care field
5) Going to the movies and dinner is my favourite way to relax
(especially with my best girl - friends)
6) I've only recently joined the blog world (Jan 2011);
and entered into sketch/colour challenges & create cards (since Oct 2010)
7) I'm getting married this Summer =)

 the 15 bloggers, I LOVE =)


2) vicmbee
3) anna
4) vannessa
5) lindsay
6) elena
7) maribeth
8) barbara
9) becca
10) tash
11) kanata newf
12) leia
14) mercy
15) marit

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