Friday, May 13, 2011

Daisy Chain Count Down

 Only 13 days of school left for my kiddos.
To mark these last days, we made these daisy chain count downs.
WAY more fun than a paper chain count down if you ask me... and who doesn't have a pile of plastic eggs laying around from Easter?!

Supplies Needed:
-  Flowers (I printed them on card stock), you can find mine HERE
-  Plastic Eggs, one half for each day
-  Small Candy, Toys, or Notes, one for each day
-  Green Ribbon or Yarn (I used about 5' for 14 flowers)
-  Glue (I'm going to recommend hot glue here)
-  Sharpie Marker

Here's the stuff I started out with...

1)  Cut out one flower for each day.
2)  Tie a loop at one end of your yarn so that you can hang it, and then lay it out in front of you.

3)  Make sure your goodies fit into your egg shell halves.

4)  See what I'm doing here?   Yeah.... DON'T DO THIS!!!!
I mean, DO do it, but not in this way.
NOTE that I have placed the flower under the yarn.  This you DO want to do!

And then I'm placing my candy filled egg shell onto the Elmer's Glue.
Why, you may ask, was this a bad idea?  Well, the Elmer's Glue was taking FOREVER to dry!
I'm all about instant gratification when it comes to things like this.

Here is the idea on how you're building your chain.

However... I had to resort to...
My glue gun!  Ok, so not as kid-friendly.  But it worked so much better.

So I filled each egg half, lined the edge of the egg shell with hot glue, and placed the egg shell in the center of each flower, with the yarn running in between.

And then I had this...

5)  I used the Sharpie to add numbers (one at the top) in the center of each "flower"

And here is the finished Daisy Chain Count Down!
He really is excited about this... the sun was just in his eyes.  Promise! ;)

After the fact, I thought it would be even cuter with some leaves here and there.
So here is the chain with the leaves...

Cute, don't you think?
Each day after school, the kids can cut a daisy from their chain and enjoy a special little treat.

I also thought that these little paper cups would have been great in place of the eggs.
Perhaps they would have worked better with the Elmer's Glue, and been a better project for the kids.  I did the project above with my Girl Scouts, but did all the hot gluing for them.

Another nice thing about these little paper cups, is that you could cut paper circles and add the numbers to glue onto each.

Happy Last Days of School!

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