Saturday, June 19, 2010

Free Vintage Party Invitations

Click on the free printable vintage party invitation template to see it full size and download it.

This free vintage party invitation features beautiful pink roses, ribbons and a vintage-look frame. It's suitable for weddings or commitment ceremonies, housewarmings, birthday and anniversary parties, bridal showers, a summer garden party, a Quinceanera or any occasion when a classic vintage look would be appropriate. I left the text area of this design open, so you can add any text you like. To learn how to do that, click one of these links to read instructions for creating this size invitation: 50th birthday invitations, wedding invitations, housewarming invitations, anniversary invitations or Quinceanera invitations. (You can also click the yellow button below, which goes to my wedding invitations hub.) You don't necessarily have to be having one of those occasions; those pages just have instructions. Any of them will teach you how to make the invitation.

Thanks once again to Skimersan of Far Far Hill for the beautiful vintage-look art and background used in this invitation design.
free printable wedding invitations

You're welcome to make this vintage party invitation for personal use or for the use of your friends and family. But you may not sell this invitation template or represent it as your own work. You may post an image of it, however, if you provide a link similar to this near the image: Free vintage party invitation courtesy of Thanks!

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